Six Smart Exercise Devices and Equipment for At-Home Workouts

Eleven minutes a day. Recent research indicates that all you need of moderate-to-vigorous exercise to see marked improvements in your health! But given the busy lives most of us lead these days, even getting that amount of exercise can prove a challenge.

Fortunately, modern technology makes it easier than ever to get an invigorating and stress-relieving workout from home. And with the rise of smart home technology, exercise at home is more rigorous and effective than ever.

From home gyms with training apps that lead you step-by-step through routines, to devices that measure your heart rate and pulse oxidation, to awesome new fitness gear and equipment, smart home technology is taking at-home exercise to new heights. And Northcentral Connect’s high-speed fiber internet has the speed and bandwidth to keep these devices and apps running clearly and without the distortions or disruptions that plague inferior forms of internet.

Below we highlight six of our favorite equipment, gear, and other smart home gadgets to help you get in shape at home. But remember—you should always consult with your doctor before beginning any new exercise routine.

Smart Exercise Equipment

We begin with the most expensive options for your consideration: smart home gym and exercise equipment. Though these may be beyond the budgets of many families, these products do demonstrate just how far home exercise equipment has come thanks to smart home technology. They may also get you thinking about how much you may be willing to invest over time in high-tech home gym gear.

Lululemon Studio Mirror

Formerly known only as “The Mirror,” Lululemon, the higher-end athletics apparel company, rebranded this increasingly popular—and extremely cool—at-home exercise device. Before it is turned on, the Lululemon Studio Mirror appears as a regular reflecting mirror.

Once it’s operational, however—and connected through its companion app—the Mirror leads you through workout routines of all kinds, including cardio and yoga, essentially simulating an exercise training class. You can even join live classes “through” the Mirror with trainers and other Mirror-users!


For those who really want to step up their workout routines without stepping outside their home, Peloton offers a Tread, Bike and Row for at-home workouts.

Each device features a large screen for instructor-led classes, which are available both live and on demand. The associated app also features classes for dance cardio, strength training, yoga, pilates, barre, and more!

The equipment ranges from $1500-$3000+, but the Peloton app is available for just $12.99/month and can be streamed on your TV, phone, or other devices, even if you don’t have Peloton’s equipment.


Our most expensive recommendation on this list is for those who are ready to go all-in on an at-home smart gym: Tonal. Clocking in at nearly $4,000, with Tonal, the most dedicated fitness aficionados will find a nearly complete at-home gym, combined with smart tech features that guide you through workouts.

Tonal’s technology is simply superb—and good enough for LeBron James, who’s teamed up with the company! It monitors your progress on each of the many exercises its attachments facilitate, assesses and corrects your form, and even increases intensity as you grow. Altogether, Tonal can help you get the gains you’ve always dreamed of—and at home, too. 

Other Smart Fitness Devices

Our next set of recommendations are for less expensive devices you can use to help keep track of your fitness metrics and overall wellness. We also include a smart home, high tech-take on an old-fashioned, but highly effective cardio exercise aid!

Garmin Forerunner 745

Though many people adore their Apple Watch or other kinds of smart watches, when it comes to tracking exercise-related metrics, nothing beats a solid, dedicated fitness watch—and the Garmin Forerunner 745 is an excellent choice—and value—for most people.

It includes workouts you can undertake both indoors and outside. It also tracks your daily steps and monitors your heart rate, letting you know when it’s time to take a rest. The Forerunner 745 also stores music, so you can keep yourself motivated without needing to rely on your smartphone during your runs or workouts.

Withings Body+ Smart Wi-Fi Bathroom Scale

Obviously, for most people starting or maintaining a fitness routine, keeping track of one’s weight will be a prime objective. And while it’s tempting to pull out that dusty, old scale from the back of the linen closet, Withings Body Composition Smart Scales are much more useful—and accurate—than a typical scale!

Withings’ Smart Scales’ innovative features analyze and track body fat percentages, water percentages, and muscle and bone mass. You can view your progress on your smartphone or tablet through Withings’ app, tracking your results over time. It’s also incredibly accurate, helping people stay more on top of their weight and with greater precision, too.

Tangram Smart Jump Rope Rookie

Lastly, for a fun way to get your cardio at home without needing to break the bank on expensive equipment, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option than jumping rope, which simultaneously tones your body, too. Today’s technology takes the humble jump rope to the next level with smart jump ropes, such as the Tangram Smart Jump Rope Rookie.

After connecting to your smartphone and its app, Tangram’s Smart Jump Rope tracks and times your jumps, counts the calories you’ve burned, facilitates routines and interval training with other exercises, and stores your progress over time. It’s quite literally leaps and bounds ahead of the simple rope you first used as a child—and a much more serious exercise now, too!

The six recommendations discussed above can get you moving and in shape without needing to head off to the gym. With a relatively modest investment, you can be on the road to better fitness and health, and all the long-term benefits that come with them. It’s just another way that Northcentral Connect’s advanced fiber network helps you get the most out of your home and take full advantage of all the smart home technology being dreamed up every day!

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