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Protect Your Family
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Protect children from cyberbullying and other online dangers with online safety leader, Bark. With this offering, parents can thwart cyberbullying and self-harm situations, inside and outside the home.
  • Easily create and enforce online rules for the users and devices on your home networks
  • Protect children from inappropriate or harmful content
  • Use content filtering to ensure online safety
  • Set time limits across applications and devices
Take control of your network with ExperienceIQ.
  • Prioritize applications and devices that access the home Wi-Fi
  • Create a profile for each member of the household and their devices
  • See approximate time each user spends on different applications
  • Schedule and set time limits for individual applications


Extend Your

Extend your connection across even the largest homes with our mesh Wi-Fi extender to ensure an equally strong connection in every room.


Power Your

Make sure your connection
has the power you need
Battery Back-Up for 8 Hours
  • $12.95/month
Battery Back-Up for 24 Hours
  • $17.95/month

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